No hacking or using any program which gives you an advantage over any other players. - Permanent ban

No logging while involved in any sort of combat with other players or zombies. - 2 week ban.

No uses of any exploit or "trick" which gives you an advantage over other players. - 2 week ban, permanent ban if repeated.

Failure to report a hacker, exploit, or anything that could give you an advantage over another failure WILL result in a ban. - 3 month ban.

No disrespecting of any player or administrator. - Mute, kick, or 1 day ban depending on severity.

English must be used in public chats, use private chats if you wish to speak in other languages. - Mute, then kick.

No spamming any chat or command for any reason. - Mute, kick, then 1 day ban if repeated.

By: Dex